Humanitarian Help for Ukrainians Affected by War

Who We Are?

Ever since Russia started a full-scale war with Ukraine, many people have been left unemployed. Men, women and their kids have to hide in bomb shelters, as Russia deploys missile attacks every single day.


We provide humanitarian help to all Ukrainians who desperately 'need a hand' right now. Because with the helping hand, the world is a safer place!



Ukrainian Refugees


Adults Killed


Children Killed


Months of War

Ukrainians We Have Already Helped

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Other Ways You Can Support

Send supplies

Here you can find a complete list of instructions of how to send humanitarian supplies.

Join Cyber Defense

You can volunteer by joining our cyber team. If you have internet access and basic skills, you're in!

sign the petition

Regardless of your nationality or residancy, you can voice your support by signing petitions.

Meet the Founders 


Vadim Antsyferov

  • LinkedIn Социальные Иконка

Entrepreneur, President of GoMage & Sellbery


Kateryna Shebetovska

  • Instagram

Leading Ballet Dancer of Kyiv Opera in Ukraine


Artem Shoshin

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Choreographer, Honored Artist of Ukraine